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​The seas come to school on Aquarium Adventure Day (Friday, Oct. 20 for North Cliff, and Monday, Oct. 23 for Upper School).  We will be treated to an assembly featuring live animals, followed by hands-on learning at touch tables featuring more live creatures and animal artifacts!  Make sure you return the release form so your little one can participate fully.  Better yet, volunteer to spend the day, and experience the ocean excitement yourself! Click on image for forms!


​Do your child love building? Breaking? Taking apart? Asking questions?  Making messes? Well, have we got the event for you! Save the date for our first ever North Cliff MAKER FAIRThursday, November 16, 5pm-8pm, and let their inner Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, and Elon Musk shine through!  Click the logo for our flyer:


​​Congratulations to our new 2017-18

Executive Board!

President:  Julie Chariell

Vice-President:  Carrie Tong Kakkanatt

Vice-President:  Tammy Liao

Co-Treasurer:  Rosanna Mangone

Co-Treasurer:  Vaishali Shah

Secretary:  Tina He Chen

Looking forward to a spectacular year!

Thank you to all who made our
Spring Gala 2017: 


a tremendous success!



 Stay tuned for our next


**Holiday Edition**

Arriving December 2017


Our 2nd Annual Science Fair was a huge success!

- Congratulations to our winners:

1st Place - Ryan Lee: Hydroponic vs Soil Grown Plant's Growth Comparison
2nd Place - Chloe Park: How Does Smell Affect Taste?
3rd Place - Emily Kim: Effectiveness of Different Hand Soaps Using Glow Germ Gel
1st Place - Sophia Shin: What Type of Ice Pack Lasts the Longest?
2nd Place - Cole Rosenthal: Memory: Virtual Reality vs 2D Imagery
3rd Place - Brian Krasnoff: Does the Angle Used to Break Pool Balls Affect the Distance the Balls Spread?


Congratulations to the winners of our 2nd Annual Spelling Bee!

     Senior Division : Grades 6-8
        First Place: Jennifer Xu
        Second Place: Sarah Karam 
        Third Place: Nora Elsetouhi
     Junior Division: Grades 3-5
        First Place: Elise Kang
        Second Place: Joshua Lee
        Third Place: Eliana Son

Welcome, Parents!

The Englewood Cliffs Education Foundation hopes to create a community that will unite people and businesses with similar passions and ideas in and around Englewood Cliffs through various planned community events.  As ECEF works to enhance academic excellence, we hope that you will join our community of partners and become an active participant in enriching the life of every Englewood Cliffs student.

We're here to help your child learn and grow.